Brazilan Transgender Cop Dudu dos Santos, murdered and misgendered

Dudu dos Santos

Dudu dos Santos

Military policeman (PM) Dudu dos Santos, 27, was abducted from a bar in São Paulo, Brazil at gunpoint on August 3rd, 2018. He was found dead, shot in the head and groin in the trunk of a Honda 4 days later.

Although all of the pictures of him published by numerous media outlets were clearly of a young man, most persisted in misgendering and dead naming the fallen hero.

Dudu dos Santos

His facebook profile in which he self-identified as a male by the name of Dudu dos Santos was deleted shortly after his death by family.

The police department where he was stationed posted an update on Facebook dead naming Dudu dos Santos and astoundingly identifying him as female.

A friend of his posted soon afterward identifying him but there was some ambiguity in the translation. There needed to be at least one more source to verify that the photos of this man, which inexplicitly identified him as someone else, were indeed of the slain policeman.  Thanks to the amazing people at Trans Violence News we have answers and a little closure.

The vital source was found in Poenaroda, a local pop publication which not only established his name, gender and that he was a policeman but also made the courageous step of admitting to their errors.

“It turns out that throughout the disclosure of the case, the gender and sexual orientation of the victim were deduced by all press (and even ourselves here ), referring to the PM as the lesbian woman Juliane dos Santos, her name of baptism and as it was still in her documents and register with the Police. But it is now known, according to what has been said by people close to the victim, that in reality it was Dudu, a transgender man.”

Dudu dos Santos

Tragically, the article which reports on the burial of PM Dudu dos Santos the afternoon of August 8th deadnames and misgenders him.

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R.I.P. Dudu dos Santos

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