Transgender woman with Axe attacks three in Sydney

Evie Amati

Evie Amati

Evie Amati allegedly attacked two Seven-Eleven customers with an axe Saturday, picking the victims seemingly at random.

The CCTV footage shows her nonchalantly striking up a conversation with the first victim, Ben Rimmer, at the checkout. Then in an apparently unprovoked attack hit him with the axe then smashed Sharon Hacker as she was exiting the store. Both were taken to the hospital and released.

Evie Amati
Alleged victims: Sharon Hacker and Ben Rimmer have both been released from hospital. Photo: 7 News.

The third alleged victim outside of the store didn’t suffer any injuries. Evie Amati has been charged with injury with intent to murder for all of the attacks.

She had very little, if any, intention to do what happened,” said her lawyer Mr Waterstreet.

“Very little culpability for what happened.”

The court heard Amati was on large doses of drugs at the time of the alleged attack, including anti-depressants, gender-transition medication and another unknown substance according to Yahoo News

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Kellie, I won’t comment past my original posts a few days ago. I have significant depth of connection with this community and person. However, you should be aware, as you have drawn an inference on facts presented to you. Ben Rimmer was an accidental victim ( in that he had no prior connection ), however there was prior history and friendship between Ms Hatcher and Ms Amarti, just saying so you are aware. There is a backstory in this one…..!


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