Transgender advocate Seagirl Abuson’s Call for Help


Many of us have heard or read about the discrimination LGBT Ugandans face. Those articles and movies for all their good intentions could not possibly drive home the urgency like the imagery and narrative that Seagirl Abuson provided Planet Trans.

Seagirl Abuson, a transgender woman of color escaped the violence in Ugandan finding temporary sanctuary at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya. It was there in 2018 that Seagirl, an outspoken advocate participated with hundreds of LGBT refugees in the first-ever Pride celebration held at the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

It was an amazing celebration but tragically soon afterward the violence intensified.

Yvonne Ndege, a spokesperson for UNHCR Kenya, told NBC News the UNHCR and its partners supported and participated in the pride event at Kakuma and “invited all stakeholders to promote an environment free from discrimination and homophobia.” Ndege said UNHCR is aware that two people sustained injuries at the event and said the organization mobilized an ambulance to transport them to the hospital and encouraged the police to conduct an investigation into the incident.

Easter morning 2020 an LGBT refugee at the camp hanged himself outside of the UNHCR offices after being beaten by camp guards. They had gone outside to beg for food but ended up committing suicide to protest the conditions in the camp.

“Through my advocacy, I aim to eradicate homophobia from most of the authorities in Uganda and East Africa through creating awareness”, said Seagirl. “Many in Africa especially in Uganda think that we are a curse as LGBTQ people. I want to change their mindset. It’s just how we are and we can’t change and we are not harmful.  I just started that through donating school materials to kids in schools.” She said.

Warning. Pictures provided by Seagirl show the results of violent attacks recently directed against LGBT refugees at the camp. They are graphic and upsetting.

Seagirl Abuson came to Canada as a refugee last year. It is from there she reached out to planet trans.

This campaign is to help Seagirl Abuson continue to support these members of our extended community with their hospital bills, supplies for recovery, and costs for potential safety planning and/or relocation costs. She lives very simply in Canada and gives so much of what she has to those with less access, safety and support. Seagirl has volunteered with the Trans Tipping Point Youth Arts mentorship project and uses her online networks to do tireless education in the face of brutal homophobia.

Support Black Trans Women in their labor to care for the most targeted among us by donating what you can to a Gofundme hosted by nonbinary trans advocate Kori Doti.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. It only takes a heart to help and to as well remember your own to me its a challenge .

    Your one of a few who have come up with such efforts ,and am sure many will come forward and give a hand in support of all these initiatives .
    A lot is going on both in kakuma and urban areas of Nairobi in matters regarding to #LGBTIQ refugees ,hate and homophobia and trans phobic acts are severe.

    These coupled with the damages and hardships of the COVID 19 pandemic , “its high time refugees need you at most “kindly give a hand .

  2. What a brave girl, she inspired a lot of people.
    How wonderful to see she finally settled in Canada and she is willing to help others who still remain in refugee camp.
    We need more people like her.


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