TransMuhafiz spotlights Pakistani Transphobic Offenders


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TransMuhafiz an android app now available on Google Play enables real-time locational reporting of transphobic violence via the web, voice message, picture, video, and text.

Transgender people in Pakistan have long suffered in obscurity especially those in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the north-west tribal region bordering Afganistan. Despite increased media reporting, 54 trans people have been murdered and 208 acts of violence have occurred in the past 2 years. The remaining residents are then routinely targeted for extortion or forced to move by criminals and police alike who are aware of their social ostracization.

Before TransMuhafiz (Trans Defender) our community in Pakistan was relatively easy prey, but not anymore.

Farzana Jan president of the TransAction Alliance Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that “launching of the trans-Muhafiz is a historical and defining moment for the trans community. It is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that any Android application is made for our personal safety. Now a day’s smartphones are considered as the most common and constant companion for anyone in case of emergency and any other eventuality. In a real sense, we hope that we will never need to use Tran-Muhafiz but at least having it available in our cells we will have peace of mind that we can have a valuable, easy, and accessible aid and help which will preserve our safety in unforeseen eventualities.”.

TransAction Pakistan shared on Facebook that Blue Veins an organization working for the transgender and intersex community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa launched a first of its kind android app “TransMuhafiz” for safety and reporting of violence against the transgender community. The App is supported by the Canadian Fund For local initiatives (CFLI). The launching ceremony was held at Peshawar press club in which Transgender activists, civil society representatives and people from other walks of the life participated.

On the occasion of the launching Qamar Naseem Program Coordinator, Blue Veins said “the app is first of its kind in Pakistan, unique and simple to use in case of emergency, which can be easily downloaded and installed from Google play store. The app is made to improve reporting system of violence against the transgender community. TransMuhafiz has both online and offline reporting options. An online violence reporting system will create a more empowering reporting experience for transgender survivors, provide authorities with better evidence and data on violence, and facilitate the identification of repeat perpetrators.”

While sharing the features of TransMuhafiz Qamar Naseem further mentioned “Blue Veins in order to facilitate trans community with the latest technology introduces this application which will help to empower trans community in raising their voices against violence by making more easy and accessible reporting system for them”

He further said Trans-Muhafiz has both online and offline reporting options. “The app users would have to add emergency contacts who would get alerts in case of emergency. The online report system of TransMuhafiz not only enables text massaging, but violence can also be reported through voice messages, picture, and video. In case of unavailability of the internet, the user can enable the offline option to send messages via SMS to emergency contacts along with the location of the incident.”

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