Diva nightclub owner caught on video beating Trans patrons

Diva nightclub owner caught on video beating Trans Brazilian patrons

What should have been a party became a nightmare of two trans women celebrating the new year at Diva Nightclub What actually transpired prior to the assault isn’t clear. There are a number of accounts so it would be easy to dismiss as a drunken bar fight, but it was much more than that. 

According to one witness, it all started because a purse was stolen from one of the transwomen, who left the club accusing a man of stealing her wallet, and a fight ensued. Bouncers and the owner (said to be in the white shirt) became involved when the trans victims girlfriend came to her defense.

Another version tells that one of the transwomen got mad when she was accused of stealing a cell phone and started the fight inside the bar, and kept fighting outside.

The Diva Night Club owner published a statement which a male individual spammed on Facebook, refuting accusations of transphobia. The Diva Nightclub defended their violent attack making an effort to question the trans woman’s identity by putting her name in parenthesis “a trans girl we’ll call Tiffany” then calling her an ‘it’ for the rest of the statement.

Yes, they called her an ‘it’ in the statement but not surprisingly, addressed the men involved with male pronouns. This was a matter of transphobia, clearly not semantics or translation.

The note’s author said Tiffany was exposing herself and when politely asked by the bars ‘public relations’ staff to cloth herself refused. According to the bar owner Tiffany then stole a patron’s wallet and phone and when confronted, beat the man up.

There’s really no way to authenticate any of these stories, but one thing is for sure. The bar owner, didn’t show any concern for the well-being of his patrons or remorse in his statement. He certainly didn’t when he was smashing them to the ground and stomping on them.

According to El Intransigente, La Izquierda Diario the police appeared on the scene and was able to “calm things down”. There were no mention of arrests of assault and battery or attempted femicide.

Argentina transgender people suffer daily violence, not only by bouncers but also from police. Every thirty hours an Argentinian woman is murdered.

One year to the day of this assault  Gimena Alvarez, was murdered in this same location but reported as a suicide by police and media even though her friends and family stated it was a transphobic crime. Salta’s police harass and persecute those whose only means of livelihood is sex work.

Gabriela Veleizan Secretaria Género y Diversidad Social del Partido Socialista, a local advocate posted on facebook.

Take note! Don’t go to places in which beat us, mistreat us and charge more becuse you are trans.  Last night was divas night. We repudiate any type of violence. Don’t give your money to places like these. Enough of violence towards the roommates trans..

The large man seen pile driving transgender woman to the ground has been identified in comments as the owner of the Diva nightclub.



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