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Trans woman told she couldn’t compete in a “Natural Born” Beauty pageant

Anita Noelle Green
Anita Noelle Green third from the left. Photo court documents

Anita Noelle Green of Clackamas, Oregon was told that she couldn’t compete in the Miss United States of America LLC beauty pageant because she isn’t a “natural born” woman.

Miss Green sued the Miss United States of America LLC beauty pageant in December 2019, claiming its gender identity discrimination violates Oregon’s Public Accommodations Act and infringes on her First Amendment rights to free speech and free association.

Green says the pageant denied her application and refunded her entry fees on the same day she applied.

“I was not interviewed or asked anything about my application,” Green told Court House News.

A federal judge Thursday threw out a lawsuit by a Green who accused the private pageant corporation of discrimination for denying her the right to participate in competitions.

U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman found that the pageant association cannot be required to allow a transgender woman to participate in light of its mission to promote “natural-born” females.

Attorney John T. Kaempf, who represented Miss United States of America LLC, praised the ruling.

“My client is not anti-transgender but it just wants to be able to hold a pageant that is only for biological females,” Kaempf told Oregon live after the ruling.

“Contrary to what people might think, my client, the pageant, is a supporter of diversity. It believes there can be a Miss Black USA pageant, a Miss Native American pageant or a transgender pageant,” Kaempf said.

Evidently, the Miss United States of America LLC beauty pageant doesn’t believe that those minorities should compete together.

Press release from Anita Green provided by her attorney Shenoa Payne

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender