Rye Silverman is the April #FashionTruth girl for ModCloth.com

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We first met Rye Silverman in 2014 after she was attacked on the way to the West Hollywood Pride Parade. Things are better for Rye now. She’s been selected as this month’s #FashionTruth girl for ModCloth.com which means they named a dress after her.

The "All About Rye Dress" is it red with white stripes?

This is ModCloth’s “All About Rye Dress”
But is it red with white stripes?

So what about Rye Silverman’s fashion sense? She told ModCloth.

“It evolves over time but I think right now my best way of describing it is a bit of a quirky or edgy twist on vintage. I love rockabilly-type stuff or circle skirts that have interesting prints on them. The two garments I currently get the most positive responses to are my Mewseum Visit Dress from ModCloth and my PacMan-themed circle skirt. I’ve noticed in the last year or so more and more of my skirts and dresses have fun prints. But when I’m kind of just looking for a more relaxed, chill look I shift into a more 90s vibe.”

Even transgender funny people aren’t immune to transphobia. Rye wrote on her blog about a guy grabbing her on the way to Pride. She said that she grabbed his t-shirt ripping it and after the two exchanged blows he backed away screaming incoherently that she was to blame.

In a totally serendipitous turn of events, a man with a ripped T-shirt was interviewed in the video below at the WEHO pride parade. He was later identified by Rye as the one who assaulted her.

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