Trans Woman Piper Rivers (Tegan Toxik) passed away.

Piper Autumn Rivers
Piper Autumn Rivers

On March 22nd. 2021, 35-year-old transgender woman Piper Autumn Rivers, also known by her stage name Tegan Toxik, passed away. The suddenness of her death shocked many in the film industry, some who had worked with her just days before.

“It always comes as a shock when someone so young, with so many friends and who seemed to be moving forward with her life, ends it so suddenly and tragically,” wrote producer Radius Dark. “I know she was well-liked among the community, and many models counted her as a friend – as seen by their many tributes and celebrations of her left on social media. Tegan was a disabled veteran of the Army, having served in Afghanistan and had been living in Las Vegas in recent years.

Dan Hogue, Director of Operations at Transerotica was called to Tegan’s house shortly after her death and has been instrumental along with other friends, in assisting and giving support to Tegan’s partner, Jean. “We are all hurting and are confused with this loss of a friend. There is an emptiness among many. We may never know the reason why. There is help for those that need it. Let the overall message be to seek assistance! Never be afraid to ask for help, reach out to a fellow performer or colleague. There is also anonymous resources available in Pineapple Support and other trusted folks in the industry that would always drop what they are doing and make time for you.”

When I first met Piper, I was awestruck by her beauty, and as I got to know her further, I was amazed at just how much that beauty was a reflection of her soul. She had a brilliantly creative mind and, despite challenges, brought those creations to life,” wrote her friend Ophelia Ratcliff.

She was intelligent and charismatic; I always found courage when she was with me and felt we could accomplish anything we set our minds to.

She had a way of making people smile, be it humor, presence, personality, or compassion, it all seemed effortless to her. We gravitated toward her and found ourselves among comfort; the definition of a friend.

She will be missed by many.

If can help with a Go-Fund-Me to help with the final expenses her friends would deeply appreciate it.

R.I.P. Piper Autumn Rivers

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