Trans woman Nikki Araguz delivers a verbal smackdown to Dave Welch on Fox

Dave Welch
Dave Welch
Dave Welch was flabbergasted and host Isiah was demanding answers after Nikki pointed out that the Houston pastor is the sort who opposes not only trans rights but his rights as a black man as well.

Houston trans advocate Nikki Araguz appeared on Fox TV’s Isiah Factor Uncensored to debate Christo-fascist Dave Welch. This was a rare treat.

Who is Nikki Araguz?

A short video by Nikki might be the best way introduce her to you.

Who is David Welch?

Welch is the ultra-conservative pastor who heads up HAPC/USPC/TXPC. As the organization’s lead (and seemingly only) spokesperson, he’s used his platform to take a number of extreme and inflammatory positions while dabbling in local politics. He opposed Muslims holding leadership positions in government, accused Democrats of ushering in a “Fourth Reich,” and labeled a federal judge a “domestic enemy” for ruling against the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. He supported a Texas State Board of Education resolution that claimed social studies textbooks were being influenced by “pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias.” And he’s referred to gay people as a “morally depraved special interest group” and people who support LGBT rights as part of the”forces of spiritual darkness.” Media Matters

When challenged by Nikki as to his Christan beliefs unbelievably Welch is quick to agree that everyone should be respected. And yet he says all these horribly dehumanizing things about trans people? Welch said it best when he pointed out during the debate that he’s not evolving as a human. He’s not.

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