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Trans Woman Marcela Bittonti died from COVID-19 in São Paulo, Brazil

Marcela Bittonti
Marcela Bittonti / Facebook

Transgender Woman Marcela Bittonti died April 7, from COVID-19 in her hometown of São Paulo, Brazil.

“IT’S NOT JUST THE FLU.,” a friend said about her passing on April 7. “The transsexual Marcela Bittonti had a small urological problem. Nothing severe. However, in the hospital where she was treated, she contracted the coronavirus and died. #Covid19”

Another friend wrote, “She was transgender, she was hospitalized because of a testicle wound, (it was not serious) ended up contracting COVID-19 that led to death, the cause of death in death was the virus.”


President Jair Bolsonaro has called the Novel Coronavirus ‘just the flu’ on social media.

Twitter deleted those tweets and Instagram which is owned by Facebook also deleted those posts saying “that (it) violates our community standards, which do not allow disinformation that might cause real damage to people.”

The president again ignored social-distancing guidelines on Friday. Bolsonaro has tested for numerous times an option not availiable to millions.

The Brazilian health ministry confirmed as of April 11, there have been 1,056 deaths and 19,638 cases due to COVID-19. The numbers are likely to be much higher as only patients at hospitals are being tested.

A lot is written about the rich and famous who die from COVI-19, but what about the souls that few knew? What about our trans community worldwide that is governed by the likes of Trump and Bolsonaro who can’t test, and are without medical care? We at Planet Transgender are here for you. This is the essence of what we do.

Thank you to our source Trans Violence News on Facecebook.

R.I.P. Marcela Bittonti

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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