Trans woman Lamia Beard murder unsolved while witnesses remain silent

Lamia Beard
Lamia Beard
Lamia Beard as presented by Norfolk police during the briefing.
Lamia Beard
Lamia Beard

After a year police still don’t respect Lamia Beard’s womanhood.

Killed Jan. 17 2015 in Norfolk Virginia Ms. Lamia’s murder was one of 33 committed in Norfolk this year of which only half have been solved.
Many of the cases remain unsolved because of a total lack of clues and evidence. This fact presumably compelled the police to hold the December 24th media briefing.  Ms. Beard’s murder was highlighted with six others as there are known witnesses who have chosen to remain silent.

Norfolk police crime line
I would hesitate to call a tip line that promised to lock me up.

A clue for the Norfolk police, get a clue. Take a clue by looking into the methods other police forces have recently used to solve cold cases.  Visiting her facebook profile, it is obvious that she lived as a woman. She identified as female. It is very probable that the witnesses you are searching for only knew her as such. Respect her gender and these silent witnesses might, just might respect you enough to come forward. It couldn’t hurt to try.

Norfolk Homicide Section 757-664-7023

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