Police gun down a Trans woman on the TDOV because of her clothes


On the International Transgender day of Visibility, we got news that Gaby, a Brazilian trans woman, was murdered by police.

According to a popular local musician, she was murdered by a military policeman in Gioania, Brazil. In a Facebook post Mc Toka, said the officer was bothered by the way she was dressed and ordered her to go home and change her clothes. He told her that if she didn’t he would shoot her. Angrily she replied “just once? Give me two”, but went home none the less returning later with other clothes.
The officer stood at a distance, silently watching, and when she moved away from the other girls, he flipped the motorcycle’s headlight on blinding her and shot in the chest and again in an arm. She died on the spot.

We have been unable to find any additional information about Gaby in the news or social media other than her last name was possibly “Rodrigues”. If you have any news about this or saw her murder please contact us and the civilian Police.

Many of the comments found on Mc Toka’s status disparage her for being trans and allegedly for working in the sex trade. And interestingly, a few who point out that no one would care if she was murdered because she was a Brazilian transgender sex worker.

This is only partially true. As we have seen, the murders of Brazilian trans woman have become of late great copy for the local press who misgender the victims in sensationalistic headlines while pandering to misogynistic transphobic readers with gruesome images.

But the murder by police of a transgender woman is a whole different non story.

Brazilian PM police have murdered trans people in the past and have been caught lying about it.

A 2015 iPhone video showed bloodied trans woman Laura Vermont running from São Paulo police cars that according to their report she was driving.

The version told by the two PM to civilian police of how Laura Vermont was murdered didn’t ring true, and their own ‘witness’ inadvertently exposed their lies and they were subsequently charged and arrested.

The difference being that the murder of Laura Vermont was documented.

But To this day, there has been no Justice for Laura Vermont only a mockery of justice. But without first exposing the murderers there will never be a chance for justice for any trans Brazilians.

MC TOKA – Mas que trans é essa – But what is trans

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  1. The hatred that this country has in relation to its people is unacceptable. I hope that one day we can all live as one nation reguardless ;of race, relegion, sexual orientation,or sexual preference .I do not know this woman, but my heart goes out to her family.may you rest in peace.

  2. maybe North America is better somewhat, but what happens in Brazil is totally unacceptable. My message was addressed to their incompetent authorities.

  3. Why? We have people in NC on a public support march saying, chanting, and yelling that trans people are “worthy of death”. America is little better.

  4. Minha amiga linda um mostro tirou sua vida mais espero que tenha justica nqo aquento mais ver assasinos soltos aqui no brasil brasil e um pais de merda

  5. With a wink and a nod from police and goverment transgender people seem to always be killed in greater numbers in nations that are having the Olympics come to them.

  6. you people are crazy the international community should sanction Brazil for such murders. the Brazilian government should apologize to the entire world for this. You are a shame and your policemen are a shame on the face of this planet, Brazilian authorities!


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