Transgender woman killed in Brazil, the 24th since the new year

Brazil 24th transgender murder

There are no images to be found of this murder. This image, from a different murder in 2013 is from the exact same location

A 27 years old transgender woman was murdered, thrown into the ditch of highway RS-118 Saturday night the 27th, near the 20th Km in Gravataí Brazil.

The woman, who was not identified in the media was shot at least three shots. So far, police investigation points out that she had been approached by a couple in a “dark” motorcycle, near the end of that night.

The victim was from São Leopoldo and used the highway as a work-place (sex work). No suspects have been found so far and, although witnesses indicate a possible involvement of the victim in drug trafficking, no drugs were found at te scene by police.

The title of the Brazilian media which gave the new reads like this: “Man is murdered on RS-118 wearing women’s clothes” and as usual, the Brazilian media identifies her as a “travesti” which translates to “Tranny” in English.

We have now recorded in January and February 24 murders, 1 suicide and 6 deaths by other reasons (as silicone injections, strokes,…). We know some murders fail to reach our knowledge, so the real number is probably higher.

Source: Correio de Gravataí

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