Trans woman in bid with seven finalists for the cover of Women’s Running

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Marathon runner Amelia Gapin (left), takes a time out for a selfie describes herself on twitter as “co-founder/CTO, trans, occasional writer, typo queen, spicy foodie, bagel snob, cat lady, feminist.”

Amelia Gapin from New Jersy is in a contest for the cover of Womans Running magazine along with 7 other incredible women. She’ll be on SiriusXM taking about the contest this morning at 11:30 ET tweeting….

She wrote in her blog

Because my life is totally weird, I’m currently a finalist in the Women’s Running Cover Runner Contest. The eight finalists were chosen from over 3,000 applicants and the winner will find herself on the cover of Women’s Running magazine.

To be perfectly honest, this is a super surreal thing to me. When I entered, I didn’t think there was any chance I’d be chosen as a finalist. Just a quick look at the bios of the other seven finalists makes it clear some really amazing women with incredible stories entered. When I read their bios, my immediate reaction was that I don’t belong among them.

Having read the other bios I couldn’t agree more with Amelia. Each one is equally deserving of the cover, but that’s not to take anything away from Amelia.

And all of the Bio’s have one common thread. Running is key to each, empowering and healthy and in many cases an essential tool in dealing with depression.

You can view the contest and vote for the one you belive most deserving here

Running is a competitive sport for some but I think its fair to point out, winning by time alone is but a small part of running. A disclosure. I too am a trans runner, although not in the same league as these women. I believe the greatest thing about running is what you take away from each individual run. No, it’s not a medal or accolades there’s so much more than that. It helps me deal with the everyday issues we all face and some of the not so usual issues that being transgender entails.

This is the first article of a new category for the Planet. We will be focusing on positive life choices that add purpose and make our lives fulfilling. In this case, it’s running, Trans Running.

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