Trans woman Gina Mar Cobos, fatally stabbed in Antonia Santos, Colombia

Gina Mar Cobos
Gina Mar Cobos Photo
Gina Mar Cobos

Colombian transgender woman Gina Mar Cobos, 27 died of stab wounds sustained on Friday 11th, 2015.

Cobos was transported to the Hospital Universitario de Santander (Santander University Hospital), HUS, after being stabbed three times around 1:30 am on Friday, at the corner of 33rd street and Carrera 20, in the neighborhood of Antonia Santos, in Bucaramanga.

According to the authorities, the alleged assailant was arrested by police at the time fleeing the location.

“We have already established that both the perpetrator and the victim had long time problems. They lived in the same neighborhood in the north part of Bucaramanga, and there have been repeated altercations, so eventually Gina Mar opted to leave the neighborhood in order to avoid further problems. Finally at dawn on Friday the subject ends up causing the death of this person from the LGBT community, “said the commander of the Metropolitan Police in Bucaramanga, Brigadier General Nelson Ramirez Suarez.

According to eyewitnesses said that the victim was engaged in prostitution, accompanied by other transsexuals, on the corner of 33rd Street and Carrera 20, when they two men on a motorcycle arrived.

One of the men stole the cell phone of one of the transsexuals who were with Gina Mar, and they fled on the motorcycle. Two minutes later, the same subjects returned, the same man got off the bike and went directly to where Gina Mar was and stabbed her in the chest, neck and head.

The aggressor and his accomplice then fled on the motorcycle, while the victim was carried to a taxi and was taken to the emergencies of HUS, where she died in a few minutes due to the severity of injuries.

In a swift reaction by the police, the alleged perpetrator was arrested, while his accomplice managed to escape leaving the motorcycle abandoned a few blocks from the site of the facts.

The suspect, aged 22, was transferred to CAI Centennial Park where he was recognized by a number of witnesses, and then transferred to the Unidad de Reacción Inmediata (Immediate Reaction Unit) URI, where remains in prison on the charges of theft and aggravated homicide.

Officials of the Unidad Móvil del Laboratorio de Criminalística (Mobile Unit of the Laboratory of Criminology) of the Sijín, conducted the inspection and removal of the corpse, which was transferred to the morgue of the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forenses (National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences), Bucaramanga branch, where was claimed by relatives yesterday.

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