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Trans woman Camila Montoya murdered by Colombian police

This trans woman is always mentioned by male pronouns as a reflex of the transphobia shown by colombian media.
Camila Montoya is refered to by male pronouns an indication of transphobia shown by colombian media.

Update 2/11/17: We have been contacted by a trans woman from Columbia who has the same name as the victim. Internationally renowned model Camila Montoya‘s friends have been contacting her worried sick after reading about this murder. Cami wants to assure all that she is alive and well said “I am truly sorry to hear of another trans murder.”Camila said The abuse and violence against trans people is real and has to be stopped. I give my condolences to the entire family and friends.”

Original story:

Colombian authorities are investigating the cause of death of a member of the LGBTI community, which occurred during a police stop in the east side of Cali.

Camila Montoya died after being shot twice new years morning when she was walking through the streets of El Retiro neighborhood in the 15th district of Cali. Relatives of the victim say that she was going home when police officers asked Camila an “inspection”, which she denied.

“Her friends told me that the officers grabbed her and amid the struggle a shot rang out.” stated Martha Cecilia Montoya, Camila’s mother. “My daughter used pepper spray to defend herself, and immediately one of the cops shot her again,” she said.

Reports indicate that the young trans woman was opposed to the police inspection “only because agents wanted to touch her”. (In South and Central America, these police acts are mostly a form of abuse directly linked to the trans population, where police elements provocatively touch sensitive body zones, this was the kind of “touch” she was denying.)

Through a statement, Cali police explain that: “As the incident took place, in which a member of the Police was attacked with pepper spray, the boy was sent to the Hospital Carlos Holmes Trujillo where he died.”

Camila’s mother said that she was in charge of sustaining her family and also looked after the health of her grandmother so her death was a hard blow to this family.

Source El Tiempo Joven de la comunidad Lgbti resultó muerto durante requisa

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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