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Trans protesters confront Caitlyn Jenner at Chicago House fundraiser

Caitlyn Jenner
Protesters gather outside of a fundraiser for the Chicago House. Photo DNA Chicago

We as a community, which is primarily under or unemployed are painfully aware of Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, a well-choreographed media spectacular highlighting her previous white male privilege and conservative political affiliation. This rightfully has some of our backs against the wall.

Conversely, many trans people believe in “live and let live” and give a very wide birth to others who transition. Many of those do not find Jenner’s presence overly objectionable are like myself, white and reasonably employed. Therefore, I can not write this article from my own experience. Much of the media which idolizes her predictably portrays Jenner as an unwitting victim. Planet Trans will attempt to present this neutrally, neither endorsing or condemning the protest.

The main figure in the protest identifying herself to DNA Chicago as “violet black” confronted Jenner as she left a fundraiser for the Chicago House Thursday. Jenner had been at the event as a keynote speaker tweeted later that the event raised $300,000 for LGBT programs. DNA Chicago put that number at $20,845.

The protesters can be seen below telling Jenner that she ‘insults all trans people’ and doesn’t speek for or represent the community.

Caitlyn Jenner announced at the Chicago House fundraiser that she will be representing the US trans community to the world by invite through the United Nations.

Protester Temara Robinson posted on facebook which is presented verbatim:

“A nonprofit industrial complex, fuled by white male and daddy tranny egos, one that only seeks to perpetuate itself (that has overspent tokenized black trans women employees, paying part time, minimum wage hours) while paying CEOs nearly half a million dollars when there are more empty housing units in in xicago than there are homeless people, cannot exit if homelessness were eradicated.What have you bought into? what will it take to buy you out?”

Violet Black
Temara Robinson Image facebook profile

“I present to anyone who will take it, a check, blank, paid to the order of “your white guilt”

“Jenner, you took the male privelege train to the last stop and bought a ticket back out of boredom. The publicity and frivoloty of your transition insults the process of trans people geuinely breaking the violent gender biinary, as well as the women born female who you despise.”

“you insult women and trans people with your appropriation, your media spectacle, and your hatred for sickening, and the fact that the chicago house will pander to this, while paying their ceo six figures and expecting black trans womento take crumbs from the cookies we bake you.”

“This is the start of a new trans movement. An anti-racist, anti-colonialst, pro woman, trans movement that doesn’t take its orders from nonprofits, bilionare liberals or the state and doesn’t pander to an audence that would rather lazily bing watch us in prison than concieve for one moment of world were our bodily autonomy, self-definition, and freedom from violence and oppression are non-negotiable”

“To these queer and trans people i see walking out here, why were you inside there? Why would you rather see us pander to the systems that harm us for crumbs while we hand them cookies for not killing us (at least not right away)”

“Fuck that! Fuck Chicago house”
–violet black

Temara Robinson later posted on facebook:

One warning:
IF ANYBODY attacks, threatens, or mistreats the brave women and trans people who joined me in confronting that media poser ‪#‎caitlynJenner‬, We’re going to have a problem. Standing up to the racist nonprofit industrial complex and the sexist white gay men and rich trans women who support it deserves a “thank you”, not hatred and threats.Those of you who understand the systems of power that keep us all oppressed need to vocally stand up in support. Tell ’em ‪#‎iaintcait‬ ‪#‎weaintcait‬ Tell ’em we need ‪#‎liberationnotmissrepresentation‬

The video description published on Nov 27, 2012
Chicago House launched it’s all new TransLife Program in 2012. The mission of TransLife is to guide Chicagoans who are transgender or gender nonconforming with HIV or HIV-at risk towards independence and self-sufficiency through a unique approach of combining housing assistance, health care, with employment services. The epicenter of the program, which opened in July of 2013, will provide a group living environment to 9 adults in a 9 bedroom mansion located on the north side of Chicago. The mansion, owned by Chicago House, was formerly a hospice program for individuals dying from HIV/AIDS and provided a place of dignity for them to live out their final days.

The Center will not only provide housing, but also serve as the epicenter of our TransWorks, TransSafe, TransLegal, and TransHealth outreach programs.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Temara Robinson certainly has a lot of hate and resentment. Despite her tirade against white males, I noted that she herself is white; she also seems afraid to show her face in a photo despite her bombastic ranting.
    While I agree that Caitlin Jenner has capitalized on her transition and actively sought media attention (she’s related to the Kardashians after all), we must realize that all the publicity has brought Trans issues to the public attention, and in a mostly positive light.
    We ALL benefit from any positive changes in the public’s attitudes towards us. Ms Robinson included.
    Let us not forget that Caitlin Jenner is not the only Trans celebrity- we’ve also seen great media attention to Chaz Bono, Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, Jazz Jennings, Aydian Dowling, Kristin Beck, Andreka Pejak, etc. Media attention to celebrities serves to educate the public and raise consciousness, helping to facilitate acceptance for ALL OF US.
    I for one refuse to apologize for being white or for being gainfully employed with an above average income. I have worked hard and sacrificed over the years to get where I am, and consider myself fortunate in finally having the financial resources to complete my transition. I will not allow Ms Robinson to make me feel guilty for my hard earned personal success.

    The Trans Community needs to work together, not to divide or demean ourselves by irresponsible tirades.


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