Transgender mother and son victims of hit and run

Bárbara Pastana

Bárbara Pastana and son are recovering at home.

Transgender mother Bárbara Pastana, and her 2 year old son Pietro, were victims of a transphobic assault on Tuesday October 4th in Belém do Pará, Brazil. The attack occurred when she was taking her Pietro to the kindergarten by bike.

“Every day I go out (in the Bengui neighborhood) and take my son to school by bicycle, in a front seat. Today, a car approached and followed me slowly. I kept pedaling but the driver sped up the car and hit on the bike, “she said

Bárbara fell toward the sidewalk above her child and said that after the impact, her only concern was the health of the child. “I could not see anything, just saw my injured son. I do not know who did it, I can not imagine, “she said.

Bárbara is the coordinator for the advocacy group Pará policy for Transsexuals. “I defend people who have their rights violated and now I got through that. I’m in shock”. Barbara says that “this is the reality that trans people live every day.”

Bárbara Pastana

Bárbara adopted her child by legal means since he was a infant and is an example of affection, love and family in the city.

Police deputy Hildene Falqueto sent an investigator from the the Bureau of Homophobic Crimes to collect the evidence in their home for the following investigation.

Barbara Pastana, known as the “Iron Lady” in the fight against violence to transsexuals, gushed when talking about discrimination.

“I have a fight of many years in defense of others, and when it happens to me, I’m speechless,” telling “I defend people who have violated their right and now I got through that. I’m in shock”.

It is also a pioneer in the State in the adoption of children by transsexual parents. The son lives with her since she was born.

Barbara said that “unfortunately this is the reality we live every day” because “lack of employment opportunity for the trans population” and left “violence, among others.”

According to the coordinator, about 30 transsexuals were murdered in the northern Brazilian state of Para in 2016

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