Sunday Heartwarming: One Trans Man’s flight in fear from NC

Reevs O'Neal

Reevs O'Neal

Given all the awfulness of NC’s HB2, it’s hard to imagine that something good could result from all that hate.
Reevs O’Neal afraid for his life, unable to talk with his mother about transitioning fled NC in desperation. He arrived in Washington DC homeless and without enough money for a nights stay.

“In North Carolina, it definitely wasn’t safe for me to transition,” O’Neal told ABC News. “It was just terrifying.”

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory said the law is meant to protect men, women and children in bathrooms.

“It is basic common sense. It’s etiquette, privacy that we have had for decades,” McCory said on “Fox & Friends.”

O’Neal said that House Bill 2 will not only make life harder, but more dangerous.

“People are going to get harmed,” O’Neal said. “[The] biggest risk is murder, being killed.”

Incredibly what transpires next in O’Neal’s journey  may help to reinforce your faith in friends, community, and family.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. That’s an eye opening response, Michelle. While I knew you live in Canada I hadn’t considered your point of view.
    Abt the Jenner episode…
    I saw all her travel mates clinch similar body parts in when she said she didn;t think ‘any’ of them were out to get us.

    To be perfectly fair not all Republicans are ‘out to get us’. I’ve watched in person a number of Republican Texas Mayors enact trans-inclusive ordinances saying ‘Its the right thing to do’.

    But yeek I too clinch every time I see that self-promoting rich woman say that sort of crap. She knows she’ll get a reaction from our community while serving as some sort of go to wit this vid.

  2. While I did have to grit my teeth and clench my stomach during the love fest on Caitlyn Jenner’s bus in the Video link, Reev’s story is a touching one. Showing how one can go from social exile and come full circle to rebuild relationships with family.

    There are times now that due to the onslaught of Trans crow legislation and the rabid teabagger and fundie support for such, I feel as if I’m in exile, a refugee from my own country.


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