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Trans Lives Matter Activists Interrupt CNN Equality Town Hall

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg reacted empathically when the first of many trans protesters interrupted the CNN Town Hall.

According to HRC, the go-to media source there have been 19 known trans murders to date, but there are more. Many more.

The tdor.translivesmatter website reports that 32 transgender people have lost their lives in the United States this year. The TDoR Trans Lives Matter records are fully inclusive including suicides attributed to social stigma and murders of trans people within our borders who have citizenship outside of the United States.

The group shouting Trans Lives Matter and Do Something lowered a trans pride flag emblazoned with ‘They Are Killing Us” in front of a Ph.D. student who had been chosen to ask Mayor Buttigieg a question.

The watered-down version of the protest didn’t show security trying unsuccessfully to rip the trans battle flag from the activists hands.

Most of the murdered were young trans women and people of color. There is a wave of boiling anger in our community that cisgender people are largely unaware of. These young people died because they lived without hope. Denied the opportunities that many of us take for granted they did things out of desperation that cost their lives.

This anger that people of color are experiencing is spreading to our entire community as the tRump administration tightens its death grip around our collective necks. I feel the dread this young black trans woman is experiencing even though I have the privilege of being fully employed by a company with trans inclusive policies.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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