Trans Latinx chica transmigration. A matter of life or death

Trans Latinx chica

These Trans Latinx chica immigrants endured ICE detention and have formed communities vowing to help transmigration, promising to never stop. And joining them are Trans people of every nationality helping to ensure these refugees have a fighting chance in the ‘land of the free’.

This is truly a matter of life or death.

Of the 372 wrongful transgender deaths reported by during 2018, 289 were committed in South America.

For many Trans Latinx, their only hope is to leave their home and their friends. They set across these vast distances on foot to be abused at every step.

For many Trans Latinx chica like Alejandra, ‘sanctuary’ in Trump’s detention camps means imprisonment without life-saving medication or the most basic medical care.

For transgender woman, Roxana Hernández, who was beaten to death and denied HIV medication detention by ICE, detention meant a death sentence.

And for Aurora who was denied entry, it meant death by the people she told ICE would kill her if she was forced back to San Salvador.

While Trump was throwing these young Americans to the wolfs he was paying pennies on the dollar to undocumented latina immigrants at his golf courses and hotels. NEW YORK TIMES “Trump National Golf Club in N.Y. Fires Undocumented Workers, Lawyer Says”

When you’re transgender and latinx, life as a double minority often means living with a target on your back. For many facing extreme violence and discrimination in their home countries, migration to the United States represents a chance to redeem their identity and live life free from persecution.

But upon arriving in the US, instead, transmigrants often find a dangerous life plagued by the threat of detention and continued discrimination. Broadly goes to Arizona and Los Angeles to meet one of the most vulnerable populations in America, and the trans women already living in the US working hard to create sanctuary for them.

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