Trans Latina Zoey Luna’s Spellbinding in The Craft Legacy

Zoey Luna
Zoey Luna
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Trans Latina Actress Zoey Luna joins the Craft Legacy an inclusive coven just in time for Halloween. It’s a good thing. Not all witches are entirely good or bad. as we all know, but one has to know their bounds or be bound.

You might remember Zoey from Raising Zoey, a documentary from before trans inclusive Supreme court rulings were a thing. Well, Zoey has definitely grown up, a proud trans woman with skills.

Zoey Luna
‘The Craft Legacy’ trailer features of few hints of the original, including the same line after a man warns them to watch out for weirdos, and one of the girl’s replies, “We are the weirdos, mister.” – Glam

And some are knocking the redux trailer for the characters non-goth attire observing their demeanor was more akin to those who personally bullied them than the ‘weirdos’ who enthralled them in the original.

Corey Chichizola from Cinema Blend delves into some of the ways The Craft: Legacy is different from the original. The set in the same timeline as the original movie, but will feature a new cast of actors bringing the story to life. The new coven will include transgender actress Zoey Luna as bruja Lourdes, one of three established witches that welcomes newcomer Lily. I had the chance to visit the set of Legacy, where director/writer Zoe Lister-Jones revealed why including a trans story in the sequel was so important to her. As she put it,

We also have a trans witch, so there are some topics around trans inclusivity and intersectional feminism. I think the original was very much ahead of its time because it was intersectional in many ways. But I think including a trans voice in this group of young women was really important to me.

She’s got a point,” wrote Chichizola. The Craft intertwines the issues of the original coven, including racism, self-image, and classism. But Legacy is set decades later, so Zoe Lister-Jones wanted the story of young women coming into their power to be rooted in contemporary conversations. And having a trans member of the coven helps move this story forward, and is also a step forward regarding onscreen inclusion.”

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