Trans In Trumpland 4 part Docuseries Premiers February 2021

    Trans In Trumpland
    We can proudly look back at the wanna be Nazi and see who time erases
    trans in trumpland
    Look back at the wannabe dictator and see who time erases

    Trans in Trumpland examines the struggles and resilience of the transgender community under the Trump administration and features intersectional issues such as race, immigration, and poverty.

    The series, created by trans-owned production company TransWave Films, is directed by Tony Zosherafatain and produced by Jamie DiNicola. Trace Lysette (Hustlers, Transparent) executive produces alongside trans activists Miss Major Griffin-Gracy and Chella Man.

    Trans in Trumpland investigates the impact of anti-trans policies on the lives of four transgender Americans. Told through a road trip narrative across remote parts of the United States, the series explores the trans experience in Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Idaho. Set against the backdrop of increasing rates of transphobic violence, Trans in Trumpland shows the grim realities that trans Americans face.
    Production of Trans in Trumpland was completed in 2019. Trans in Trumpland is slated for release as a four episode docuseries.

    Trans in Trumpland is produced by TransWave Films, a New York City based trans-led company. The series is directed by Tony Zosherafatain, a transgender filmmaker, and produced by Jamie DiNicola.

    Ever since the day that Donald Trump was elected to office, the crew behind Trans in Trumpland has been brainstorming ways to portray transgender stories through the medium of film.

    After two years, Trans in Trumpland was conceptualized: a documentary series that will investigate the inequalities that transgender Americans face.

    Streaming exclusively on Topic, and available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV on February 25th.

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    Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender