Trans gang “quiaros” captured in Venezuela

Venezuela Gang quiaros

Last Saturday night a gang was dismantled after an action of officers of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), belonging to the Urban Security Detachment (Desur) No. 710.

The action of the military officers, under the public safety patrol, came up with the arrest of four subjects, all adults.

The commandant of the police force,Jerry Jose Camacaro Salazar, reported that this special operation caught the members of the criminal gang called “the quiaros”.

According to Salazar, members of the “quiaros” gang, identified as Germán José González Rivas, Gabriel Arturo Alvarez Hernandez, Irnación del Valle Alcalá Martinez and Xavier Ayendis Fermín Fuente, captured their victims by offering sexual services and then threatening and stripping them of their belongings.

On Saturday night, these four subjects addressed a citizen of the state of Miranda, who was subjected to a knife threat and stripped of the sum of 58,000 bolivars, a last technology cell phone, credit cards and personal documents.

Despite in the photo is clearly understood that at least three members of this gang are transgender women, as you can see the media reports them as males, obviously homossexuals and by their birth names. Latin transphobia is on the rise.

Source: elsoldemargarita Capturada banda de homosexuales que robaban y sometían a clientes

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