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In another first, Trans-Boxing Brooklyn is now offering New York Gender Non-Conforming people boxing classes on a donation basis. This instruction offers an affordable pathway to improved physical fitness and self-esteem to the city’s most vulnerable citizens.

Trans-Boxing Brooklyn is the first exclusively transgender/gender non-conforming boxing class in New York City. TBB’s founder Nola Hanson had been in search of a boxing class that fostered the trans-community. Nola pitched the class to Mario Marin (owner and head coach at Red Planet Muay Thai) who received it with open arms.The class operates on a donation basis. They meet every Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm at Red Planet on 105 Ralph Ave.

An amateur boxer, Coach Mario Marin wrote, Nola had a vision of bringing boxing to persons of the transgender, non binary, non conforming communities through a safe space environment provided through Nola’s organization, Transboxing Brooklyn. After a simple conversation between the three of us, plans were made and the Transboxing beginner class was born.

Currently, we are growing at a rapid rate, filling up 2 rooms with 1 hour boxing classes. These classes are open to all transgender, non binary,non conforming persons. We work hard, we train hard, and sometimes we even party hard afterwards. For more information, check out the links to Transboxing Brooklyn and MetaBalance below. To book a class click “Book TR Boxing”

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