Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Trans and Black Lives Matters Activists protest Arkansas’ Jim Crow Laws

Black Lives Matter and Trans rights activists joined forces in North West Arkansas’ Benton Square Saturday to protest the onslaught of Republican-led legislation bent on denying black and transgender people their constitutional rights.

Together these bills segregate trans students from the student body denying them from participating in school activities, allow doctors to refuse to treat people based on religious or moral objections, stop doctors from treating transgender people with globally accepted best practices, and punish doctors who follow their Hippocratic oath.

Governor Hutchinson has the option to veto, sign or let HB 1570 become law by taking no action. Governor Hutchinson has until the end of business Today Saturday, March 5, to decide on what to do.

On Saturday, Pediatricians rallied Saturday in Little Rock asking Ark Gov. Veto HB 1570 noting that they represent every medical profession that would be negatively affected.

As of March 24, legislators have introduced 361 bills with restrictive provisions in 47 states. These bills like Georiga’s that prohibits giving food and water to people waiting to cast their ballets targets black people’s ability to participate in electing their representatives.

The bills have been crafted carefully so white supremacists can deflect criticism easily. But together they are an assault on America’s minorities’ rights with an intensity that hasn’t been seen since the civil war.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender