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Trans Advocate Agnes Torres legacy lives on 7 years later

Agnes Torres
Siglo XXI highway

Transgender advocate extraordinaire Agnes Torres Hernández was found in a ravine along Siglo XXI highway on March 10th, 2012. She was lifeless, her body brutalized, burned alive. There are accounts that suggest that she was murdered by a lover, but it goes without saying this outspoken advocate angered some powerful politicians.

In 2010, Torres filed a complaint against Javier López Zavala, then the PRI candidate for the governorship of Puebla, to the National Council to Prevent Discrimination over derogatory remarks López made in an electoral debate regarding transgender identity.

Two years later she was brutally murdered in what police said was a hate crime.

Two years after her murder photographer Jaime Romay published a collection Dear Agnes …

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According to Wikipedia, last updated in 2015 there have been no convictions.

But an article published in 2018 by el popular states that the Attorney General’s Office obtained a conviction against Marco Antonio Berra Spezzia aka “The Tony”; Luis Fernando Bueno Mozzoco aka “El Huicho”; and Agustín Flores Zechinelliy, for the murder of the young transgender woman.

There is nothing indicating a length of sentence or punishment.

Torres advocated for the right to rectify birth certificates and collaborated with Humana Nación Trans to seek respect and recognition for transgender persons at the national level. She also worked with the Democracy and Sexuality Network (DEMYSEX) and Erósfera.

Agnes Torres completed her psychology degree with honors in 2001 at Veracruz University. However, she was unable to actually receive her degree because the University wouldn’t issue the document under her name.

In May 2014, Veracruz University issued Torres her degree post mortem in recognition of her social and activist work.

Torres who advocated for the legal recognition of the transgender people in Mexico inspired “Agnes Law” which has been adopted in Mexico City and Three states. On 13 July 2017, the Michoacán Congress approved a gender identity law, Nayarit approved a similar law on 20 July 2017 and Coahuila followed suit in November 2018.

R.I.P Agnes Torres Hernández

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