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Trans activists to rally at Stonewall on the eve movie’s release #NotYourProp

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The real Stonewall Riots weren’t Roland Emmerich’s and Jon Robin Biatz’s whitewashed and classist fiction, it was a rebellion against transphobia, homophobia and police brutality.

Amy Walker first reported on this problematic movie on August 5th with her post on how Stonewall Movie Erases Trans Women And Black Drag Queens From History.

A group of activists intends to make that clear tonight at Stonewall Inn.

Ashley Love has formed the group S.A.I.D. (Stonewalling Accurate and Inclusive Depictions) and has scheduled a Rally Facebook event for tonight September 24th outside of the Stonewall inn.

The Idiotic Stonewall Is A Bigger Disaster Than Roland Emmerich’s Actual Disaster Movies ~ Deadspin

In a recent New York Times interview, journalist and  S.A.I.D. coordinator Ashley Love said, “Seeing the film in its entirety was disappointing in how once again white gay men reduce trans women of color down to historical, social and political props, further highlighting issues of classism, trans-misogyny, anti-blackness, Hollywood trans-face casting, misgendering, identity appropriation and transparent propaganda.”


‘Stonewall’ Star Jeremy Irvine Defends His Hated Movie ~ Daily Beast

Scheduled rally speaker Octavia Lewis, Education Specialist for Transgender Programming at New York’s Hentrick Martin Institute, writes, “We’ll no longer allow the gay patriarchy to edit out trans women and lesbians of color from history or belittle our resistance just to retain their white male privilege.”

Stonewall shortchanges an era-defining moment ~ AV Club

Also speaking at Thursday’s history presentation, educator and Black Lives Matter NYC organizer Aaryn Lang writes, “Marginalizing trans women of color in the Stonewall movie is part of an age-old Hollywood tradition of whitewashing history to further separate marginalized people from the truth of their existence in this country. We have been, and continue to fuel this movement.”

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…..vanilla story of a homeless Indiana teen looking for community in New York City. ~ Variety

On September 22nd, Vanity Fair published a scathing film review of the Stonewall entitled ‘Stonewall Is Terribly Offensive, and Offensively Terrible’ in which writer Richard Lawson notes, “Turns out, Stonewall is perhaps even worse than some feared it would be—more offensive, more white-washed, even more hackishly made… Stonewall at least does that bit of good: it illustrates how systems of privilege and prejudice within a minority can be just as pervasive and ugly as anything imposed from the outside. And that’s an outrage. So how long until someone throws a brick through the screen?”

BuzzFeed’s Meredith Talusan (who recently became their first trans staff writer) also reviewed the film in an article entitled, The New “Stonewall” Film Treats Trans People Like Inspirational Sidekicks, writing, “Trans and gender-nonconforming characters in Stonewall serve as love interests, comic relief, and support for a white gay boy’s coming-of-age journey, rather than the stars of their own story”

Stonewall the movie

More background: Director/producer Roland Emmerich and screenwriter Jon Robin Baitz, both white gay men, have crafted such an inaccurate depiction of the 1969 Rebellion against police brutality and transphobia that it supersedes what both men excuse as mere “fiction” to what scholars and credible sources deem as historical revisionism due to the film’s whitewashing, trans-minimizing, bi-erasure and gay-washing.

Furthermore, transsexual feminists have condemned Emmerich’s ‘Hollywood trans-face casting’, a commonly used term for the stigmatizing and humiliating industry practice of non-trans directors hiring male actors to play trans* woman roles. This miscasting only reinforces institutionalized misgendering, which is a form of trans-misogynistic gender mockery.

Read more at Stonewalling Accurate & Inclusive Depictions (S.A.I.D.)

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