“TOXIC TO*WK Clearinghouse” to Warn, Inform, Advocate, Protest


TOXIC TO#WK clearinghouse is a outreach to transgender organizations and indivuadals who wish to make a premtive move to stop “Ticked off tra**ies with knives” from being shown at local Film Festivals and a resource for those who need to protest and educate at venues screening TO#WK.

TOXIC TO#WK Clearinghouse was founded to warn, inform, advocate and lastly, protest.

TOXIC TO#WK Clearinghouse establishes contact with Transgender organizations country wide and informs them about the toxicity of TO*WK.

TOXIC TO#WK Clearinghouse will provide suggestions on pro trans movies and the steps needed to have these movies shown instead of TO#WK.

Mission: TO#WK Clearinghouse will provide suggestions on protest/educational material and historical information if requested from Transgender groups.

“TOXIC TO*WK Clearinghouse”



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