Topless Algerian and Tunisian FEMEN activists disrupt Paris Muslim conference

FEMEN France

FEMEN France

Two FEMEN activists stormed the stage at a Muslim conference where two controversial clergy were discussing the rights of woman. Among topics discussed were what a woman should wear, what jewelry was appropriate and whether or not a man has the authority under Islamic law to beat his wife.
The activists from Algerian and Tunisian with bare chests emblazoned with “no one shall submit, nobody owns me, I’m my own Prophet”  surprised the clergy before being dragged off stage by 15 men to shouts of ‘kill the dirty whores’.

Images show the two women disappearing under a sea of bodies, with some of the men appearing to launch kicks and slaps at the pair. The melee continued behind a screen out of sight of the cameras.

Femen feminists first gained the world’s attention when in 2012 they cut down a cross in Kiev protesting Christian Orthodoxy and in support of the imprisoned Russian activists from Pussy Riot.

It should be noted that Femen is not opposed to any particular religion but does protest those who by their doctrine enslave and subjugate womankind in the ways that Catholicism and Islam do. Planet Transgender carries articles in support of FEMEN as they have shown time and again to be fearless proponents of LGBT Equality and opponents of misogyny and patriarchy.

These statements were found this morning on the FEMEN France Facebook page which as of press time apparently has been removed from Facebook.

VIDEO: FEMEN au Salon du prêche intégriste
Deux activistes FEMEN sont venues aujourd’hui gâcher la grande fête du marché aux esclaves pour dénoncer cette femmophobie -sans amalgames. Nos djihadistes topless sont apparues à la tribune devant Nader Abou Anas et Mehdi Kebir, les disciples misogynes d’Allah, pour crier haut et fort « Personne ne me soumet, personne ne me possède, je suis mon propre prophète! ». Les deux activistes (elle-mêmes issues de familles musulmanes) ont ainsi porté la voix de centaines de femmes, de féministes et d’associations, complètement écoeurées par ce déferlement public de haine. Il était de notre devoir d’interrompre cet évènement pro-esclavage, et de faire entendre le cri de la liberté au milieu de leurs leçons de soumission.
Condamnons-les ensemble, et rappelons-leur sans jamais faiblir:
Personne ne me soumet, personne ne me possède, je suis mon propre prophète!

Video: Femen in the living room of the fundamentalist preaches

Two activists from femen spoiled the party of the slave market to denounce this femmophobie-without amalgam. Our jihadists topless appeared to the podium in front of Nader Abu Anas and mehdi kebir, the disciples misogynist of Allah, for crying out loud and clear ” no one shall submit, nobody owns me, I’m my own Prophet! “. The two activists (She-same issues of Muslim families) have worn the voice of hundreds of women, feminists and associations, completely écoeurées by this public outpouring of hate. It was our duty to interrupt this event pro-slavery, and to hear the cry of freedom in the middle of their lessons of submission.

Condemn them together, and remind them without ever weaken:
No one shall submit, nobody owns me, I’m my own Prophet!

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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