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Happy New year!
Planet Transgender received close to a million visits again for the second year in a row since moving to our new format. Many of our articles focus on the little guy or gal, the ones without mainstream media attention. Times have changed since we began blogging 10 years ago. When before we were one of only a few doing transgender articles, now we are hardly a ripple in the larger media pool. So this happens and we are grateful for it…

These are our people, our community.
Our top ten by visits this year..

Title Views
Transgender High school Students Forced To Wear Arm Bands More stats 121,066
Trans Man With Asperger’s Shot Dead By Police, Media Misgenders & Deadnames More stats 82,969
Home page / Archives More stats 63,289
Trans woman attacked by 20 men, destroys her FFS More stats 32,049
HRT Self medicating hormone resources More stats 28,532
Transgender woman Katherine Johnson of Little Rock, R.I.P. More stats 21,801
A Transgender person is being murdered every 29 hours. Can you stop killing us for just one week? More stats 16,634
Police gun down a Trans woman on the TDOV because of her clothes More stats 16,227
Florida Legislator Frank Artiles wants to put transgender youth Jazz Jennings in jail More stats 16,064
Sunday is Go Topless Day More stats 10,807
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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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