Toledo Transgender woman left for dead faces attacker in court

Toledo court 2
Transgender woman Candice Milligan faced Christopher Temple in court for the first time Thursday. Police belive Temple is one of three men who attacked her and left her for dead. The attackers came out of nowhere.


Why “Tranny” is hate speech.

All that Candice remembers is being stuck from behind first blows and the transphobic slurs being hurled at her. Candice was beaten unconscious during broad daylight on that busy Toledo street corner and left for dead. This was no robbery.

“She was walking home…She heard homophobic and transphobic slurs being shouted, and the next thing she remembers is being on the ground having her head beaten into the cement,” said David Crafts, executive director of Equality Toledo.

Crafts says he’s happy about police coöperation.

“Equality Toledo, Bravo and Trans Ohio are definitely classifying this as a hate crime,” he said. “We know she was targeted based on her transgender status and her gender expression, and we have no question about that. We also know that Toledo Police have procedures they must follow in order to classify cases, and they are doing the best they can to make sure this is classified appropriately.”

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Ohio does not have transgender inclusive Hate Crime Laws. What will it take before the state enacts one? Lets hope they do it now and not wait to name another one after a dead victim.

If you were a witness and saw something or know who those other suspects are you are urged to call Crime Stopper at 419-255-1111.

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