Tod Starnes commits an act of violence targeting Iowa’s ‘vile’ Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth

Mean people like Tod Starnes suck.

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Tod Starnes didn’t attend the conference. But he reports on Faux News an ‘anti-bullying’ conference was rife with “vile filth” as told to him by one cis straight student who found the content “objectionable.”

Starnes article which called the conference ‘anti-bullying’ was, in fact, the 10th Annual Iowa Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth which took place April 3rd, 2015.

The conference was attended by over 1,000 people from 21 communities. It had  19 workshops dealing with many topics essential to LGBT community but not exclusively anti-bullying. Some of those topics dealt with subjects not addressed by cisgender homonormative sex education classes, or social studies like “have you seen S.E.X.”, “Transgender Youth: Social and Medical Transition Options” and “Erasing Hate and Generations of Hope: Whose Problem Is It?”

But According to Starnes “Students were treated to a profanity-laced performance by a drag queen along with graphic conversations on oral sex and a transgender tutorial on how to make fake testicles.”

The only ‘evidence’ of impropriety that Starnes was able to come up with was a parent asking about anal sex.

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