Tinder Opens Gender Options For Transgender Love Seekers



The popular dating app, Tinder, has decided to add profile options supporting users with transgender, and gender non-conforming identities.

Tinder has found a wide following with a generally younger population of users who are in search of casual dating relationships primarily based on physical attraction. Up until this announcement was made, Tinder has faced some criticism over its lack of gender variant options on its platform’s dating profiles. This lack of freedom in self identity has led to some abuse in the past, including in June of 2015 when it was reported that some transgender users of the service had been arbitrarily banned after users abused the “report abuse” feature against them.

Allowing users to self-identify will likely reduce erroneous reporting and will ensure that transgender/non-binary users of the app are only paired with other members who self-select their interest in these communities.

Tinder had reportedly sought the consultation of some high-visibility members of the transgender community to help design the new functionality including Zachary Drucker, Nick Adams and Trace Lysette.

Even as the challenges to the transgender community grow, acceptance of gender variant identities grows proportionally. Tinder’s decision to acknowledge and support the trans and non-binary communities is proof of this. Gender variant people deserve to be able to find love safely just like everyone else does. Tinder’s move is a big step toward a more loving and accepting America at a time when the integrity of many institutions which have been turning the corner on supporting transgender rights is being called into question.

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