Transgender “No Pride In Prison” protester hand broken by police at Auckland Pride Parade

auckland pride protesters

A police motorcyclist maneuvers between the crowd and appears to come in contact with the transgender woman named Emmy, in (green tights). Photo NZ Live Blog

Protesters at the 2015 New Zealand Pride Parade jumped the crowd barrier with a banner which read ‘No Pride In Prison” in front of the police contingent. Emmy, the only trans member of the three was immediately targeted by the police and slammed violently face first to the ground according to a Tumblr post by one of the protesters.

Auckland pride potester arrest

Emmy pinned to the ground screaming in pain.  Photo NZ Live Blog

auckland police marching

Auckland police marching in uniform at the 2015 Pride Parade in a show of support for the LGBT community. This was a first according to The NZ Hearld.

The “No Pride In Prison” protesters are trying to bring attention to the treatment of incarcerated transgender people. M.03.05 Transgender and intersex prisoner  states that “..prisoner[s] must be placed in a prison that manages prisoners of the sex specified on the birth certificate.”

Auckland pride potester arrest.2 PNG

Transgender protester targeted by police at the New Zealand Pride Parade.

Although transgender people can change their gender on their birth certificates in New Zealand it’s a procedure many including inmates don’t have access to according to a group called “Just Speak”.

NZ Police issued this statement about the incident

Auckland pride police statement PNG

Spokesman for the group “No Pride In Prison,” Tim Lamusse issued a press release condemning the police actions:

Transgender woman’s arm broken by police at pride parade

Sunday, 22 February 2015, 11:05 am
Press Release: No Pride in Prisons
Transgender woman’s arm broken by police at pride parade

Three peaceful protesters, from the group “No Pride in Prisons”, were assaulted by police at Auckland’s LGBT pride parade. The protesters were marching in opposition to the police and corrections presence in the parade.

Spokesperson Tim Lamusse says, “we wanted to highlight the fact that the queer, Maori and Pasifika communities are disproportionately harassed and targeted by police.”

One protester, a Maori trans woman, was noticeably targeted by police and security. She was thrown to the ground and is undergoing x-ray to determine if her arm was broken.

“It is ironic that, during a protest aiming to highlight police brutality, that a Maori trans woman was so brutally treated.”

“This is a clear example of racist and transphobic targeting, yet another example of institutional racism and transmisogyny.”

The injured woman was not arrested, but a bystander filming the incident was taken away.

The group intends to lay a formal complaint with the Police Conduct Authority, and is currently seeking legal counsel.



Note: The post has ben updated to indicate that three protesters were present, only one, Emmy is transgender. Justine and Tim are cisgender.
None of the protesters were arrested though police told someone early on that they were arresting Emmy.
One individual was arrested while filming the incident.

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