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Three more Trans murders in Brazil

Sadly, three more trans women were murdered in Brazil, the first by her lover in a domestic violence case.

Three more Trans murders in Brazil

The murderer, who is jailed in the police station of Santo Antônio do Descoberto, is a 29 years old man called Vagner. He confessed the murder when he surendered to police authorities. Vagner reportedly had a relationship with the victim, identified as Paulete, a well-known figure in Santo Antônio.

Authorities were triggered by the killer himself, who, after murdering Paulete, headed straight to the police station and confessed the murder. Police then went to the victim’s home and found her dead, thus confirming the information given by Vagner, who was arrested.

During the questioning, Vagner assumed a relationship with the victim for almost three years and that both were drinking in the victim’s house, at parque Santo Antônio, when a futile argument started between the two because of sex. Vagner wanted sex and Paulete didn’t, so Vagner started stabbing Paulete with a knife until she was dead. Vagner then went to meet police authorities.

Vagner remains in police custody. When this was written, Paulete’s body remained in her home waiting to be removed and for the CSU unit.

Source: Homossexual e morto pelo proprio companheiro em Santo Antonio do descoberto


Three more Trans murders in Brazil

The lifeless body of a trans woman was found on one bank of the river Parauapebas, southeast of Pará (a brazilian state) in the morning of Monday (21), with several bruises on her face. It is suspected to be a hate crime due to the identity of the victim.

Shayla, 24, was born in Cametá and has been living in Paraupebas for 15 days. According to witnesses, she was last seen on Saturday night (19). She was a well known figure in Cametá. The major suspicion is that the crime is due to prejudice, as Shayla was an out transgender woman. Experts from the Parauapebas Medical Legal Institute, along with the police delegate Vana Azevedo were in place to investigate. Residents helped on the removal of the body.

Source: G1 and PortalCametá

Corpo de jovem é encontrado dentro do rio Parauapebas

Homossexual é encontrado morto em Parauapebas


Three more trans murders in Brazil
The murder weapon

Police is investigating the death of a 27 years old sex worker trans woman in Caldas Novas, south of Goiás state. According to Police, the victim was working on Setor Itanhangá I, when she was approached by a man in a car. She entered the vehicle and minutes later left the car already stabbed. She was still rescued, but succumbed to her injuries and died on the spot. Police will analyze images from security cameras in the area to try to identified he perpetrator.

Source: Travesti, de 27 anos, é morto a facadas, em Caldas Novas

#Trigger warning: During the original texts, in a transphobic manner, the authors kept calling them not as the woman they were, but as men, even calling them homossexuals and these crimes labelled as homophobic, in a clear and violent denial of the existance of trans people beyond sexual orientation.

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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