Three Brazilian trans females murdered the youngest was 14

14 year old trans girl murdered

Slowly, the extent of the slaughter of trans people is becoming apparent. Sometimes we learn of the murders out of chronological order, as is this one:

A trans woman was executed in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 29th. Little has surfaced but it is known that this crime happened near Euclides Figueiredo Av, on the Japãozinho neighborhood on the north zone of the Sergipe state capital, Aracaju.

Police only identified the woman as “Andinho”, age unknown, motive for this killing unknown, killer or killers unknown. What is known is that the body was removed to the IML (Instituto de Medicina Legal – Forensics Medicine Institute) and technical police elements were at the scene to investigate.

She was shot several times and apparently died on the scene.


19th April 2016. In Uberlândia, in the so called miner triangle, on the Canaã neighborhood, a 24-year-old trans woman, Jéssica Mendes Cavalcanti, was surrounded by 2 young men. One of them pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed her two times.

A security camera near the site taped the aggression. One of the suspects is on a bike. One suspect was arrested shortly after. The clothes he was wearing were a precious help for the police.

Tarley Antônio Nascimento confessed the crime in the police station. Authorities claim he stated that he murdered Jéssica because she was transgender. It was his 18th birthday. For a difference of a few hours, he will be charged as an adult and sentence up to 30 years in prison.

Sargeant Teodoro testifies that “The images ar clear and he confessed as soon as we arrived at the scene. He also confessed in front of his fathers and stated the motive as trivial, futile: she was transgender, he had previous disagreements and decided to settle the score.

Tarley, in an interview, stated that he was not sorry: “She threatened me, I killed her. Will I let her threaten me? Are you crazy? Sorry, I am not.”

The other suspect is still at large.


On the afternoon of April, the 22nd, elements of the Apucarana police and of the fire department retrieved a body of a trans woman from a municipal lake in Novo Itacolomi.

It was the body of Luana Biersack, a 14 years old trans woman who was missing since April the 13th. Her mother, Marta Dias Julio Pereira, filed a missing person complaint on April 18th stating she left home around 19H and disappeared.

Police first suspected a child advisor who was accused of sexually abusing Luana last March and who fled the state when his arrest was ordered, but when police found a witness who saw her with 3 other teens on the 13th, and changed the course of the investigation.

According to José Aparecido Jacovós, chief of the 17th police division of Apucarana, 3 suspects with ages 14, 16 and 17 are being questioned. “One of them confirmed to witness the murder and told where the body was, but denied committing it”.

The 3 suspects were seen with Luana on the day of her disappearance. Again according to Jacovós, one of them or all had sex with her, and “the motivations of the crime are still being investigated”. The suspects stated that it happened apparently because of a debt but police suspects of transphobia.

Prior to her disappearance, Luana left a post on her FB profile stating she was being threatened by someone.


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