Thousands join in San Fran TransMarch 2015

Trans people have already become the target of opportunity for the disgruntled frustrated haters of equality.

TransMarch 2015

The San Fransico city hall was lite up in the trans colors for TransMarch 2015. Photo TransMarch Facebook.

Transgender and allies by the thousands came out for the TransMarch 2015. It was a time of celebration and also one of vexation. One trans person said that she hoped that our allies wouldn’t fade away now that national marriage equality has been achieved. Another person, a gay man graciously noted that his life is a walk in the park compared to that of a transgender persons.

According to the TransMarch 2015 Facebook page these community supporters set up booths for the TransMarch 2015.
* ACLU of Northern California
* AIDS Healthcare Foundation
* Good Vibrations
* Kaiser Permanente
* Lyon Martin/Health 360
* Our Family Coalition
* Pink Spots
* Planned Parenthood
* Screening Queen
* SFSU-Project Affirm
* TAJA’s Coalition
* TEEI/The SF Center
* Trans Student Educational Resource
* Trans Thrive
* TransformSF
* Transgender Law Center
* UCSF Alliance Health Project
* UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health

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