Thomas Dolby congratulatory tweet pictures trans son Harper marrying partner Joe

dolby son marries

On Facebook, Dolby wrote: “It’s a day of celebration in the Dolby family. Congrats to you all! So much love! I’ve got something in my eye. *happy sniffle*”

Harper Robertson, 23, is one of three children Dolby has with former U.S. actress Kathleen Beller (Dynasty).

“I just felt completely trapped by the way that I looked,” he told the BBC in 2012. “I felt like I didn’t make sense to other people unless I was able to explain that I just wasn’t a girl.”

His sons transition inspired “Simone” from the 2011 album “A Map of the Floating City.”

So whats with #probablequare?

I took the liberty of including the hashtag in the post. I hope its cool with the newly weds.

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