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Thomas Beatie Opens Stockholm Pride Talks of His Child Bearing, Family and Love

In Sweden transsexuals must be sterilized before a sex change operation. American Transman Thomas Beatie has carried three children. His three lovely babies and family are testament to the inhumanity of that draconian gender cleansing law.

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  1. Ryan I don’t think you understand what the phrase “Gender Cleansing” means, particularly as it pertains to non gender conformity people.

    That is not surprising given this is a relatively new construct and societies history of ignoring all forms of gender cleansing.

    In this article I am trying draw a parallel between Ethnic and Gender cleansing.

    In this paragraph I tried to highlight the incalculable suffering caused by Sweden’s forced sterilization of transgender people with Beaties obvious joy and success at being a non gender conforming parent.

    “His three lovely babies and family are testament to the inhumanity of that draconian gender cleansing law.”

    The phrase “gender cleansing” however ignored out of convenience by the patriarchal hierarchy is normally associated with gender in the binary I.E. Cisgender humankind.

    Now lets include ourselves (transgender) in the definition of whom “gender Cleansing” applies to.

    “Transgender and Transsexual Identities:
    The Next Strange Fruit—Hate Crimes, Violence
    and Genocide Against the Global

  2. Using the phrase ‘cleansing’ (eg. gender cleansing) is using a phrase that is designed to make the process sound like a good thing.

    You are using your opposition’s words to describe the process you want to stop, thus helping them communicate their ideas.


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