Thirteen Year Old Boy Comes Out As Transgender To His School


An incredibly brave young man, Tom Sosnik, having faced a lifetime of discomfort with his physical sex has chosen to address these issues and become the person he was always meant to be.  In a very courageous act Tom has chosen to come out to his school with a very moving speech that not only outlines some of the struggles he has had to face, but mentions the terrible tragedy that befell transgender teen Leelah Alcorn.

As someone who has had to address my gender identity to a large group of people, being forced to come out at work thanks to some very unsavoury individuals, I found Tom’s speech to be incredibly sweet, well written and coming from the heart.

With more and more young trans people choosing to come out and embrace their true identities it’s becoming even more important for videos such as this to be shared as much as possible.  It helps those questioning their gender identity to realise that they’re not the only ones going through that, it helps them to see that there are other trans youths in the world who are finding acceptance and love.  Please help to share this video and show your support to young trans people the world over.



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