The Summer of my Half Crazy Transgender Success

Kelli Busey
Kelli Busey crossing the finish line and what do I see? A child emulating me!

Kelli Busey crossing the finish line and what do I see? A child emulating me!

The word emulate means to imitate with the desire to do as well or better. It was an amazing feeling seeing her pop out at the end of that half-marathon and fly through the air.

I never learned her name. I collapsed as usual at the end of that summer marathon. The second best part was watching the winner, a lady a few years my senior scoot around me with a quarter-mile to go. She was so determined and fit all I wanted to do was to emulate her, just like that child did.

These are things we learn and love as we compete. You among premiere athletes who on their best day might have another opportunity to be all that we can be. I went on to run three more marathons that year. These days after Covid at age 63 I walk 15 kilometers weekly. And that is fine. I stay fit and I have those memories.

USA PowerLIfting
I finished in second place but nothing will match how that superior athlete and that child made me feel.

Tragically many trans athletes will never experience what I did. They feel they must hold back so that they won’t make themselves a target. They may never understand that joy of crossing the line as that child and I did. That is the damage that these anti-trans bills are inflicting, not just on us, but the children as well.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender