The Queer Life Episode 21 – 1/2/15 – RIP Leelah Alcorn


the queer life episode 21 post Kaiyla and co host Mandy have dedicated tonight’s show to the memory Leelah Alcorn. It’s been rough the last week. Having a community member commit suicide so publicly adding to the holiday stress. This will leave a lasting mark on us.

Kaiyla writes “At first I thought to label this episode “Happy New Year” but with the recent trans suicide of Leelah Alcorn an Ohio transgender teen, I figured it would be best to honor her. Leelah committed suicide after abuse from her community and parents in pursuing her own transgender identity. She was forced to go to “conversion therapy” which:

Is a range of treatments that aim to change sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual, or to convince a transgender person to give up the gender they identify as and instead identify with the sex and gender they were assigned at birth

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. There’s a very small, very highly regarded college in Illinois (Shimer College) that welcomes trans people (and anyone LGBT–or straight). They accept students who have not yet completed high school–my queer daughter started when she was 16–and ALL students are treated with total respect. The president of the college is an out lesbian. If high school or parents or life is too painful, go where you are accepted for who you are. Oh, and about 22% of Shimer College graduates go on to receive doctoral degrees–about double the rate of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, or Princeton graduates. A year ago, one or their trans graduates received a full scholarship to a doctoral program at Harvard.


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