The Doxxing of TERF Linda Shanko alias GullusMag and GenderTrender

Photo Transadvocate

Photo Transadvocate

Any trans person who has spent anytime on Twitter or the blogosphere will at some point be confronted, confounded and insulted by a TERFF (Trans Exclusionary Radial Faux Feminist).

Some have even killed themselves afterwards.

TERFF’s  hiding behind a mask of fake feminism have anonymously terrorized and outed the trans community for years. But that’s not the worst. Working from within the lesbian community they relentlessly promote a culture of hatred and fear of transgender people.

So it’s pretty well established that TERFF’s are a hate group but until now the vocal leaders were impossible to identify. They do this intentionally, it used to give them a sense of invincibility that naturaly intimidated us.

Until now. Meet Linda Shanko who is according to and the TransAdvocate  Gullus Mag and Gender Trender.

An earlier post by Shanko on gender trender denying that this picture is of here has since been taken down. Now Shanko is hoping to capitalize on her unwanted visibility by selling t shirts (her picture isn’t on it of course) and melting into a empathetic crowd. Of course that won’t happen as the rest of these hateful people are equally scared of the daylight.

Linda Shanko hopes you will buy her lie

Linda Shanko hopes you will buy t shirt. And that ear thing? Now that we know what you look like it’s just, well, stupid.

Welcome to the daylight Linda Shanko, you’ve been doxxed.

Linda Shanko

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Kelli Busey an outspoken gonzo style journalist has been writing since 2007. In 2008, she brought the Dallas Advocate on-line and has articles published by the Reconciling Ministries Network, The Transsexual Menace, The Daily Kos, Frock Magazine the TransAdvocate, the Dallas Voice and The Advocate. Kelli, an avid runner is editor in chief at Planet Transgender which she founded in 2007.

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