The Doxxing of TERF Linda Shanko alias GullusMag and GenderTrender

Linda Shanko
Photo Transadvocate
Photo Transadvocate

Any trans person who has spent anytime on Twitter or the blogosphere will at some point be confronted, confounded and insulted by a TERFF (Trans Exclusionary Radial Faux Feminist).

Some have even killed themselves afterwards.

TERFF’s  hiding behind a mask of fake feminism have anonymously terrorized and outed the trans community for years. But that’s not the worst. Working from within the lesbian community they relentlessly promote a culture of hatred and fear of transgender people.

So it’s pretty well established that TERFF’s are a hate group but until now the vocal leaders were impossible to identify. They do this intentionally, it used to give them a sense of invincibility that naturaly intimidated us.

Until now. Meet Linda Shanko who is according to and the TransAdvocate  Gullus Mag and Gender Trender.

An earlier post by Shanko on gender trender denying that this picture is of here has since been taken down. Now Shanko is hoping to capitalize on her unwanted visibility by selling t shirts (her picture isn’t on it of course) and melting into a empathetic crowd. Of course that won’t happen as the rest of these hateful people are equally scared of the daylight.

Linda Shanko hopes you will buy her lie
Linda Shanko hopes you will buy t shirt. And that ear thing? Now that we know what you look like it’s just, well, stupid.

Welcome to the daylight Linda Shanko, you’ve been doxxed.

Linda Shanko

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Cannot believe there are people here defending Linda Shanko. The trans community deserved to know who was behind their abuse. Now that we do, those who have fallen prey to this vile woman can work to see that she FINALLY faces consequences for the harm she has inflicted on so many.

  2. Penny, I’m sorry but you need to grow up and see the world for what it is. Pieces of filth like Linda Shanko who terrorize and torture those they believe are not in positions of power are able to do so by two very important ways: 1 – internet anonymity and 2- Misguided White Knights like yourself who come to the aid of the bullies and internet terroriststas by wanting to protect their supposed “rights” – in this case their right of privacy.

    Penny your assertions are frankly ridiculous. Linda Shanko gave up any right to privacy that she had when she outed and bullied and harassed transwomen throughout the country.

    Your assertion that ” doxxing is NEVER okay” is tantamount to telling someone using a physical assault in order to stop a rape is wrong because “physical assault is NEVER okay”. Gain some perspective Girl.

  3. Thank you Autumn for your article at the TransAdvocate and thank you so much for posting here. Much appreciated.

  4. Penny, we at The TransAdvocate identified Shanko as GenderTrender‘s GallusMag so that anyone who’s been cyberharrassed by her now knows who to take to court; so that anyone who’s cyberharrassed by her in the future knows who to take to court. We at The TransAdvocate felt we couldn’t participate in helping GallusMag hide her identity when at least some of our t-community peers need a fair opportunity for legal recourse.

  5. Penny, she deserves to be identified. She shouldn’t be harassed though, which hasn’t happened. She’s doxxed plenty of transpeople in oh, so horrible ways but all we have done is identify who the heck she really is. She can’t hide behind a anonymity any more so hopefully she will stop doxxing transwomen.

    Plus I lived in NJ and I’ve met this woman at functions in the past without knowing she was GallusMag. My transfriends can now be warned when she ins in the room and can shut her down ins she tries to raise heck with them.

  6. No, sorry, you do. Her legal name is MORE than enough to find her contact info, street address, etc. Her legal name is all anyone needs to find her. On the off chance she gets hurt, the blood will be on your hands too. You can dress it up in whatever semantic nonsense you like but you still use TERF tactics at the end of the day. We HAVE to be better than that, or they win!

  7. Penny, no one at Planet transgender has their feet even a little damp.

    Reading the links you will see that the sources haven’t released any personal information on Linda Shanko. If you read the linked sources you will understand why they did not release the personal information.
    I know that out of 1000 page views there on a average only one or two people will click the links to the source. Its important to do that.

  8. Gallus Mag is a repulsive reprehensible piece of shit, but doxxing is NEVER okay no matter who does it or who it’s done to. We can’t condemn TERFs for Doxxing us if we turn around and do it right back like petty children. And please don’t feed me some line about how this is somehow not Doxxing but “Justice” because of everyone she’s hurt. That’s just semantic bullshit. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. Doxxing is doxxing and when you sink to the tactics of pondscum, you yourself are wading in that same pond and you’re GOING to get dirty. Doxxing Gallus makes us no better than them.

  9. Even though GallusMag deserves to get what she has been dishing out I emplore people not to stoop to her disgusting level.

    Our time has come, her time is rapidly waining.


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