I cried watching wrestler Mack Beggs destroy his female competitors

Texas Transgender wrestler
Texas Transgender wrestler
Texas Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs celebrates victory Friday

Mack Beggs the Euless Texas Transgender wrestler handily beat his female opponents who had the courage to face him on the mat Friday. It was heartbreaking to see, but a situation not of Beggs making. These girls who have no business facing Beggs who is undergoing testosterone treatment to transform his body to align with his innate sense of gender. Mack Beggs should be wrestling boys today in the State final championship.

Instead, Beggs will be facing Grand Prairie’s Kailyn Clay (27-14) in the semifinals Saturday morning.

Update. Mack Beggs will be going to finals!

But honestly, it doesn’t really matter how Beggs fairs in the semi-Finals today. Sure, as a transgender athlete I cheer him on. I see a highly gifted Trans athlete driven to compete fearlessly so naturally, I want him to win. But regardless win or lose, he is sending a poignant message to the UIL. #TransLivesMatter.

I too have this drive but unlike Beggs, I have been allowed to compete in my gender. One day I even hope to win. But in the meantime, I’m thrilled with the pursuit, surrounded by world class competitors of my own gender, as it should be.

Mack Beggs has been denied that right by new rules adopted last summer requiring high school athletes to compete in the gender that is indicated on their birth certificates.

That is why I cried. These rules are so incredibly unfair to Beggs and his opponents, all of whom are at the peak of performance. These athletes deserve the right to fair competition on the mat, something that Texas seems unwilling to do.

I’m sure we will see more headlines like the Dallas Morning News  article “Mack Beggs met with boos after advancing to semifinals at UIL state tournament” in the event that Beggs wins the championship today.

And I’m also sure we will see inflammatory condemning headlines regardless should Beggs win or lose.

But many of those people don’t understand like one of mother’s of Beggs semi-finalist opponents does. While Beggs victory over her daughter was met with some boo’s she was rightfully applauding her daughter’s unwillingness to take a knee calling her a ‘fighter’. Truly she was and that is why it was so sad, but there is no way we can change history now.

“I wanted her to forfeit as a protective mom,” Latham’s mom, Lisa, said. “But she’s a fighter. She’s not a quitter.”

Indeed. Both are fighters and not quitters and both need to be applauded.

Mack Beggs has declined to comment until after the finals today but according to his grandmother Beggs wants to compete against other boys saying the UIL “needs to get up with the times.”

The Texas UIL rule-making body needs to have a second look at gender. It is not set in concrete and we aren’t simply going to go away.

Texas Transgender athletes aren’t going to simply go away.

I was picked to wrestle a very athletic friend by my coach in High school. This was in the 70’s long before we could live authenticity at that age. So I wrestled him, but much to his and the coaches amazement I won. Not by talent or training but at that moment I realized I have that drive.

Fast forward 40 years and I ran my first chip timed races. I placed third but somehow my name disappeared afterward. I could not be found anywhere, in any division of either gender.

But that has changed too after contentious confrontations with various time-keepers, my name and times are still visible in the races that have followed.

After Texas transgender wrestler Mack Beggs is awarded the girls state championship gold medal he and the rest of the wrestlers did a Dab. If is move is unfamiliar to you don’t feel stupid. I didn’t have a clue either. Even after looking it up there are so many definitions. Apparently, it’s a ‘millennial thing’ and destined to remain a mysterious multi-dimensional thing. Thats all good. Some things are owned by a generation this being a Dab. Congratulations to everyone.


We will keep taking it to that mat and track, so it’s high time that Texas UIL gets with it and allow all athletes a fair chance to win.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. These Texas anti-transgender school rules neglect to take into consideration transgender boys have the same blood hormone levels as boys of the same ages. Such rules unfairly force boys to compete against girls. Furthermore, the rules force transgender girls to compete against boys in the same circumstances. Reckless Texas rules also risk avoidable injuries to these young school aged athletes. All aside from the mental damage it does all around to these poor kids.


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