Mack Beggs wins his second consecutive title

Euless Texas High school senior Mack Beggs persevered despite new rules enacted to defeat him to win his second state girls wrestling championship. Beggs says that he has been offered a collegiate scholarship where according to rules he will compete with other men.

Two weeks after Mack Beggs won the University Interscholastic League 110-pound girls’ wrestling title in 2017 a state legislator filed a bill targeting Beggs with the intent to make his participation in sports impossible.’ Most states’ high school athletic associations are private organizations not subject to direct legislative oversight, the Texas state legislature has power over the UIL because it is operated by the University of Texas.

The two-pronged attack against Beggs enacted by the UIL in 2016 included these rules in section 360 of the Orwellian titled, TERF inspired, UIL “non-discrimination’ rule

  • (a) Member schools may not permit boys to try out for, or participate under the Jr. High School or High School Athletic Plans designated for girl’s teams.
  • Boys may not wrestle against girls, and vice versa. This prohibition is only applicable when the contest is held in Texas or in any other state that sponsors wrestling programs for both boys and girls.
  • Gender shall be determined based on a student’s birth certificate. In cases where a student’s birth certificate is unavailable, other similar government documents used for the purpose of identification may be substituted.

The UIL also enacted new rules limiting steroids I.E. Testosterone to those who are prescribed such medications by a doctor. Beggs has acknowledged being prescribed testosterone but has delayed transitioning by limiting his intake so as not to exceed the levels found in cisgender women.

Texas transgender athletes are often jeered if you do but surely damned if you don’t.

Texas is one of four states without laws giving transgender people a clear path regarding birth certificates gender marker changes. That is for a reason. If Kolkhorst et al., have their way next legislative session Texas will become untenable for all transgender Texans regardless of their athletic abilities.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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