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Texas trans kids cry and die to give Lt Gov Dan Patrick political capitol

Texas Trans Kids Cry and Die
Mother of a transgender child was forced to explain suicide as the child talked of ending her life.

The Texas Senate Finance committee may try to attach a bathroom bill amendment to the Education bill SB 21 this afternoon. It has become clear in the last days of Gov. Greg Abbott’s $300,000 Special Session, forced by Dan Patrick legislative manipulations he had only one real goal, to make Texas trans kids cry and die.

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They have achieved their goal in one regard. The damage done to our youth will forever leave a fearful tear stain on their lives. But this isn’t enough for the evil, immoral Dan Patrick. The Baptist Bathroom Caucus Patrick installed will only be sedated by erasing trans youth lives, outlawing their existence and denying them justice in their death.

Earlier this year an Austin transgender woman’s murder, the first or 2017, wasn’t originally reported as such. Monica Loera was misgendered and deadnamed by mainstream media at the beginning of what may become another record year of violence committed against transgender people. This faulty reporting was corrected by social activists, like me. We are the ones that Dan Patrick ultimately wishes an anonymous death. But in the meantime, all of the authors of the three bathroom bills amended their legislation to appease sports franchises and mitigate business backlash. They are now SHAMFULY excluding those with a voice like me, and are attacking the most vulnerable among us our trans youth.

At risk of making this a self-fulfilling prophecy by legitimizing the profane, I need to point out the author of the House Bathroom Bill Ron Simmons that told me Sept 31st that his only hope was to attach a bathroom bill amendment to the Education Finance Bill.


Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. All anybody can say to and about dan patrick is SHAME ON HIM!
    He is an evil despicable excuse of a human being.
    He is a mentally ill sociopath who is unfit for any public service whatsoever.
    All the trans* deaths that occur, whether by suicide or murder, it is there blood on dan patrick’s hands.
    But Texan transgenders are welcome in California. Its not perfect here either, but moreso than Texas. Use which bathroom your comfortable with. Your accepted here.


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