Texas Top Cops pan Dan Patrick’s Bathroom Bill

Dan Patricks bathroom bill

Dan Patrick's Bathroom Bill

Top Texas Lawmen expressed opposition to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s transgender bathroom bill adding their voices to those of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, teachers, Business, collegiate and professional sports, travel, media, technology, medical, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Dan Patrick failed attempt to mollify professional sports teams by exempting venues while rented only served to highlight the injustice of his proposed legislation.
Apparently, Patrick didn’t fool law enforcement when he defended it as nondiscriminatory. They understand SB6 explicitly targets Texas Transgender people including a Mayor, a judge, and  Police Officer, all who could be arrested while on state business for doing their business.

The only one Dan Patrick is fooling is himself. But wouldn’t if he listened to his own words. When he introduced SB6 he said “that to my knowledge there has never been an issue” leaving everyone wondering about his true intent.

Patrick has said he intends to protect women and children by “keeping men out of the ladies’ room.” But if the bill passes, the state’s top law enforcement groups question whether it would have any real impact on public safety. That’s because it’s already illegal to assault someone in the bathroom, they said.

Dan Patrick's Bathroom Bill
Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT). Charley Wilkison, CLEAT Executive Director

“Texas has been governing illegal bathroom behavior for a while now. I’m not sure what the problem is that we’re trying to address,” Charley Wilkison, executive director for the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, the state’s largest police officers’ union, told The Dallas Morning News.

Kevin Lawrence, executive director of the 24,000-member Texas Municipal Police Association, said Texas cops don’t need to be responsible “with regulating who goes into which bathroom.”

“Law enforcement have more pressing issues than that,” Lawrence added.

After the police ambush in Dallas last year, Wilkison said, his group’s members are more focused on improving police safety and not on “joining a fight they see as, really, being a political battle.”

Asked whether Patrick’s bill would improve public safety, Wilkison balked: “For me to believe that, I would have to believe somehow that officers on vice or some other special units aren’t doing their work. So, no, I don’t know that changing the punishment is going to change the way officers enforce the law now.”

Patrick spokesman Alejandro Garcia did not answer questions about police groups’ doubts about the bill, saying the lieutenant governor “has not asked law enforcement to weigh in on this issue.”

While the date for the bill’s first reading hasn’t been announced it is suspected that it will happen on Thursday, February 9th, 2017. A Facebook event page shows that 160 people have committed to attend in opposition to SB6.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. One of the things that first attracted me to Texas was it’s Live an let Live policies . I owned a business , first in Houston , then Arlington . I sold a portion but remained on as as a contractor . I wouldn’t open a business now if Texas were the last state standing . Those who founded this state were renegades through an through and deplored Bigg Government . Today , I see two factions , Theocratic religion and nanny ism Government eating this state just like the YANKEE Hell holes the new inhabitants who fled to this state in the early 70’s . For me to return , I want the Nannysim to cease and church to go back to what it does best and I don’t mean lobbying in Austin …..


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