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Texas Senate to vote on TWO Bathroom Bills Friday

Bathroom Bill sb3

This post has been updated throughout.

Bathroom bills SB3 and SB91 have passed out of Senate Committee on State Affairs 8-1.

All Republicans and Sen Lucio (D) voted yes

CHAIR Joan Huffman (R) YES
VICE-CHAIR Bryan Hughes(R) YES
Brian Birdwell(R)           YES
Brandon Creighton(R)   YES
Craig Estes(R)                 YES
Eddie Lucio, Jr.(D)  YES
Jane Nelson(R)               YES
Charles Schwertner(R) YES

Sen. Zaffirini(D) NO

Original post…

Sen. Lois Kolkhorst filed bathroom bill SB 3 Wednesday afternoon. The text of SB 3 can be found at the Texas Legislature Online .

Around midnight Kolkhorst filed a second bathroom bill. Text for SB 91 can be found here Texas Legislature Online

Both bills will be voted on by the state affairs committee Friday. The one thing both bills have in common is that they would force transgender children who have come out back into the closet. This is a life threatening proposition. It will result in unimaginable stress and grief both to those forced back into the closet and to the gender diverse who haven’t yet come out as transgender.

.During her committee layout of SB6 this spring she made significate references to her NCAA sports days during university. When I spoke against SB6 I asked Kolkhorst if she still participated in sports. I told her that the true value in arriving at the finish line first is the gratitude you see in the eyes of those who you are able to cheer on as they too finish.

Sadly, I think that was lost on Kolkhorst.

We do know that we are not going to take this. One TX has a facebook event which got 180 commitments just hours after posting.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. With regard to the bathroom debate. Why can’t. TX get with the times like CA and other states. CA has what is calles a Unisex bathroom where people have the choice of using either gender bathroom. This is discrimination. Austin or allof TX needs to be educated with regard to these issues. Transgendered or transsexuals are not dangerous people. Besides, women or girls use stalls. It is men like myself who should be more concerned about safety issues. TX needs to get with the times. Safety issues should be of concern wherever you are not just gender specific bathrooms.


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