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Texas prisons expand HRT option to newly transitioning inmates

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LGBT inmates at the Harris County Jail, Houston, the third-largest in the country which processes some 125,000 inmates annually is changing their policy on HRT treatment for transgender inmates

The TDJC has announced that transgender inmates who begin transition behind bars will be afforded with the opportunity to receive hormones if they meet the stringent requirements. Previously transgender inmates were only given HRT if they could prove that they were prescribed them prior to incarceration.

“Offenders are prescribed hormone therapy only after going through a rigorous process that includes being reviewed by a gender dysphoria specialist, an endocrinologist, and having an affirmative diagnosis,” Jason Clark, a spokesman for the TDCJ, clarified. “Only then would it be considered medically necessary and require the minimum level of treatment which is hormone therapy.”

The new rule which puts the TDCJ in line with federal mandates established a year ago will affect the estimated 212 transgender inmates currently behind bars. Most importantly the new rules will affect newly transitioning inmates, those who have yet to express their authentic gender.

Do the news rules go far enough? Read what Dallas trans advocate Nell Gaither says at the Houston Press.

As laudable as this minimin improvement is it is yet to be seen if the process works or if the they emplace a ‘gatekeeper’ system, one that sets impossibly high or subjective requirements which ultimately denies most who apply.

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